Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My life is being swallowed by Pride & Prejudice. Again. Everytime I read it, or watch the movie, I constantly slip quotes into conversations, blog posts, journal entries, Facebook statuses. Maybe you've noticed?

I would like it to be known that I now have an "Emmy" label. Haha, this makes me laugh for some reason. She should feel proud.

I would also like it to be made known that a really really long blog post (about dancing... and Pride & Prejudice...) is forthcoming. Expect it tomorrow or the next day. (*whispers* It does not much signify when.) I think it's very amusing, but I must not decide on my own performance.

On a non-Austen note, my dad and brother brought home some tadpoles from the creek. Mixed in with the tadpoles were some mosquito larvae (yeugh). So we bought some guppies at the pet store to eat them. We named them Mr. Guppy and Mr. Barnacle... in tribute to Charles Dickens: Mr. Guppy of Kenge and Carboys (Bleak House) and ... one of the numerous Barnacles of the Circumlocution Office (Little Dorrit). The only thing I love so much as a good Jane Austen miniseries is a good Dickens miniseries. :)

And now, I have delighted you long enough. Farewell, until another time.

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