Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My brother Noah is five, six in June. He's at that age where he's always thinking, and always saying the most interesting things. I've been collecting them:

Noah On Marshmallow Peeps
Noah: You know what I think these turn into when they get old?
Me: Stale?
Noah: Foam.

Noah, on formal occasions:
Mom, to me: You know that fancy white pants suit of mine? I'm going to try to sell it on ebay.
Noah: Mom, why do you want to sell it?
Mom: I don't really have anywhere to wear it.
Noah, getting genuinely distressed: Don't sell it! Keep it!
Mom: But it's really fancy, Noah. I don't have anywhere fancy to wear it.
Noah: Mom! Boston-in-the-fall!*

*in reference to the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything song. Noah believes Boston-in-the-fall is the name of a place.

Noah on Gardening
"Mistress Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and taco shells..."

Noah on Manners
Me: (moving aside so he could get in the car)
Noah: Thank you! (pause) I never knew a lady could be a gentleman!

Noah on ... ?
Noah: Mom, my name can't be Noah! My name is Baby Alligator, because I love salmon!


  1. Hahahaha! Oh, those are hilarious! You're lucky to have a little brother. :D

  2. He is awesome! It runs in the family. :D

  3. Decided to make my way over here as well :P
    And I love the lady/gentleman one. So darn cute.

  4. hahahahahaha! Love these. ^_^ They remind me of my little brother's sayings! :D