Saturday, January 9, 2010

From the Rose in bloom

I saw this on the blog of my dear friend, known in the "blogosphere" as Lady Rose: A Rose In Bloom and as I have always wanted to do one of these things, I thought I would indulge my little whim tonight:

Date... The nineteenth of January.

Starting time... 7:32 PM

Mood... Introspective, having just read a beautiful plot post at Journey of a Catholic Nerd Writer.

Outside my window... It's very, um... dark.

I'm thinking... about summer fruits. Mmmm.

I'm reading... I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith and The Inimitible Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse

I'm listening to... Hayley Westenra's Wuthering Heights on Lady Rose's blog. (And she has Jon Schmidt there too! I love her. ;-) )

I'm wearing... Pajamas. Boring, I know. I intended to go to bed early... until I got on the computer. Same old story.

Yesterday, I... got a shiny camera in the mail and took an amazing photograph of my toe. No, I will not show it to anyone. My mother laughed too hard when I showed her.

I'm excited for...A lot of different things. Among them: Mass tomorrow. A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner which comes out March 10. Seeing my godsister. High tea with Miss Catholic Nerd Writer (whenever that may be!)

I'm sad because... because... because... suddenly I'm not sad because I was reminded of Madeline Basset from Jeeves & Wooster. "Life is very sad, isn't it?" "Yes, well, for some people it is..." (Madeline and Bertie, Jeeves & Wooster episode "The Hunger Strike") Did I mention that in addition to reading a Wodehouse book, my sister Desirae had the television series on today? I'm in no mood for sadness.

I'm hungry for... summer fruits. I shan't go into any detail, but I described my ideal fruit salad (preferably served over plain white cake) to my mother earlier today... not happening this month. Or next month. Come to think of it, I AM a little sad about that...

The song stuck inside my head is... Hehehe... the Jeeves & Wooster theme song. ;-)

I want... summer fruit salad. No, I want to have tea with Emmy.

I love... that picture of my toe. Don't worry, I'm only joking!

I loathe... certain things that have slipped my mind at present. I don't feel like I could loathe anything at the moment. I'm in a sort of blissfully forgetful mood. I can't remember if I'm sad, or irritated, or anything. It's been an unusually peaceful day.

This week, my goal is... Oh...dear. Goals. Right. Um... to live through it? It's going to be a little tough, starting on Monday.

Did I meet last week's goal?... Mostly, yes. My goal (though I never said anything about it here) was to clean my room and do something else which I've forgotten, but I'm almost positive I did it... ho hum...

Ending time... 7:54 PM