Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How Do You Solve A Problem Like ... !?

No way.


I had been setting myself up for disappointment all day long. I've never wanted a role so badly, never felt so right in a character before. So I knew that if I didn't get it, the let-down would be painful. And now, the Sound of Music cast list comes out, and ... I can't even believe it, even now, after having two hours to celebrate. I get to play one of my top dream roles ever. I'm Maria. It blows my mind that these songs I've been singing since I was six years old are going to belong to me. It makes me feel giddy, whereas this morning I just felt sick because I was trying to convince myself that I wouldn't get the part, and that I would handle that with grace and dignity.

I tell you, there was nothing dignified about me when I saw my name there, in that spot where I feared it wouldn't be.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My brother Noah is five, six in June. He's at that age where he's always thinking, and always saying the most interesting things. I've been collecting them:

Noah On Marshmallow Peeps
Noah: You know what I think these turn into when they get old?
Me: Stale?
Noah: Foam.

Noah, on formal occasions:
Mom, to me: You know that fancy white pants suit of mine? I'm going to try to sell it on ebay.
Noah: Mom, why do you want to sell it?
Mom: I don't really have anywhere to wear it.
Noah, getting genuinely distressed: Don't sell it! Keep it!
Mom: But it's really fancy, Noah. I don't have anywhere fancy to wear it.
Noah: Mom! Boston-in-the-fall!*

*in reference to the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything song. Noah believes Boston-in-the-fall is the name of a place.

Noah on Gardening
"Mistress Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and taco shells..."

Noah on Manners
Me: (moving aside so he could get in the car)
Noah: Thank you! (pause) I never knew a lady could be a gentleman!

Noah on ... ?
Noah: Mom, my name can't be Noah! My name is Baby Alligator, because I love salmon!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

first day of spring

It's hard to express how the beginning of spring makes me feel. Everything seems to look better, or smell better, or sound better, or simply feel more beautiful in early spring.


- spring cleaning with Desirae.
- windows open for the first time in - well, if not for six months, then for a VERY long while!
- North & South soundtrack (found here ). I first read and watched the miniseries last spring, so it feels rather perfect.
- quoting Little Dorrit incessantly. I guess I didn't mention that we've seen the second half four times now. Andy Serkis wears a fake nose. Hah.
- Desi's been embroidering:

- I've been taking pictures...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Theatre Happiness

I tried out for The Taming of the Shrew last weekend. The audition was quick, painless, and satisfying. Plus, it was nice to catch up with the director, who I hadn't seen since last summer (my, how time flies!). Last night, the phone rang. I've been given the role of Bianca, spoiled younger sister of Kate, the shrew. :) I'm much more excited about this than this post lets on.

Wednesday was audition night for The Sound of Music. I've done two musicals with this company (The Music Man and Li'l Abner) and have really enjoyed both. For this show, I'm aiming high and auditioning for Maria and the Baroness (who sings two delightful songs in the show which were sadly cut from the movie version). Those auditions were.... not so painless and not remotely quick. Everyone says I did really well, but I felt I could have done better. I did, however, manage to keep my energy level deceptively high - inwardly, I just wanted to collapse. The callback list will be posted on Tuesday, so... pray for me. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

19th Century Craze

Lots of stuff has been going on. At least, that's the excuse I'm going with for not blogging lately. :)

Due to watching BBC's new miniseries adaptation of Emma, which I hope to blog about once I finish watching it, part of Sense & Sensibility 2008 on YouTube, and trailers for a few other costume dramas (including Bright Star, which comes highly recommended from Emmy) on that same highly useful website, my sister and I are going through a BBC 19th century miniseries/movie craze! We just can't get enough! On our list to watch next, aside from finishing Sense & Sensibility and Emma ;) are:

Daniel Deronda
Little Dorrit
Nicholas Nickleby
The Diary of Anne Frank (made just last year, I believe. No, it's not set in the 19th century, but I still want to see it)
Bright Star
Our Mutual Friend
BBC's Robin Hood series

Are we missing anything really good? Please do comment with any other suggestions!